Most of what is here is a record of all the days behind me. Many of those behind me days were spent "producing" a documentary about the rock group Miracle Legion. In my younger days I was obsessed with R.E.M. and Michael Stipe. I had read in Rolling Stone that Michael Stipe has picked "Me and Mr. Ray" as one of his favorite recordings that year. I bought that record and fell in love. In college I had courage. I heard Miracle Legion was going to play a show near me so I rang their management. Somehow I ended up on the phone with Mark Mulcahy, the singer. I asked him if I could film the show and he said, "Why not do the whole thing? Come back stage after and get some interviews." The film had started. The problem has been, twenty years later, I had never produced a version I was happy with. It was never something that felt how I did when I listened to them. Too much talking. Too much indecision. Too much anxiety about producing a document they, the group, would like. So I never really finished it. The technology was a part of it. I had no idea what I was doing at 21 years of age. There was no budget. It just looked and sounded dull. I sold a version on VHS out of my apartment. Then I just quit on it. They broke up then sort of got back together last year. Last I heard they were finished again. I just want it finished too. I have made something that looks and sounds right to my head. There is footage only a few other people have ever seen as well as complete, rare live recordings that are the foundation of what I can only call a memory set down in a timeline and uploaded for you to see and hear.

1 hour and twenty minutes (approx.)

Features rare live tracks sourced from the mixing board at various shows in the early 1990's including:

The Backyard



Even Better

Gigantic Transatlantic Trunk Call

And Then?

Sea Hag

Everything Is Rosy