Expired Film

I am essentially done with anything smaller medium format at this point. I just like 4x5. I have come to realize that tons of people are too lazy or freaked out about trying to learn 4x5, that they don’t. so the stuff can be cheap to get. Expired 4x5 film for example. People nearly give it away. Expired 35 and medium format however gets sold as “lomo.” It’s hip no so you have to pay through the nose for it. They did the same thing with “redscale.” (Redscale is a technique of shooting photographic film where the film is exposed from the wrong side, i.e. the emulsion is exposed through the base of the film. Normally, this is done by winding the film upside-down into an empty film canister. The name "redscale" comes because there is a strong color shift to red due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed first, rather than last [the red layer is normally the bottom layer in C-41 (color print) film]. All layers are sensitive to blue light, so normally the blue layer is on top, followed by a filter. In this technique, blue light exposes the layers containing red and green dyes, but the layer containing blue dye is left unexposed due to the filter. E-6 (color slide) film has also been used for this technique.

Depending on the type of film used, the resulting colors seem to range from maroon, to red, to orange, to yellow.

The technique seems to have been discovered accidentally. Some people shooting large format color film would load the individual negatives backwards. This phenomenon is likely as old as color film itself. However, it has only recently gained popularity as an effect intentionally sought.

The technique is considered by some to be part of the lo-fi photography movement, along with use of toy cameras, pinhole cameras, instant cameras, and sprocket hole photography.).

The amount of over exposure determines the intensity of the red. When redscale film is shot at the posted ASA the resulting photos are almost all red, over exposure allows light to reach the less sensitive green and blue layers of the film. Exposures of 5 stops or more over posted speed can result in the red layer washing out completely and the resulting images appearing mostly yellow. I mean you can flip the film yourself in a darkroom. But people want it now. They want it now or they are trained they are too stupid to try to figure something out on their own. So you can still buy “redscale” like it’s some official thing for a premium price, or you can just flip it yourself and save some bucks for more film. It is astonishing to me what people will buy because it is hip. But not because it is hip, it seems to have to be official and be connected to a brand so you feel special and official shooting it. For example, you can get a used Polaroid camera on Ebay for about 30 bucks or you can buy the same exact thing from an official company who bought the Polaroid brand and patents for about $200. People do it. Why don’t they just get the same thing on Ebay and clean it with some Windex? I do not know. I do love the new instant film that is now available. I love it so much I almost do not mind paying $20 bucks for eight frames. Used to be ten per pack. Fuji quit the pack film game. Now you have to shell out a ton of dough for what is left out there. I wish I knew what drove consumer behavior. Too much of it seems connected to the everyone is a celebrity/celebrate the self 24/7 “culture” of today. I will keep to myself until this passes, if it passes. People seem to miss the point is the joy of creation for oneself, not to get “likes.” Not only to get them but to become addicted to getting them. It started with Facebook. They knew what they built was seemingly a benign little thing to stay in touch with people, but it’s actually another way to hook people on getting attention we all desperately crave. I guess these days I just give myself that attention so I can be just a bit kinder in an increasingly nasty world.

 Early experiment with Crown Graphic 4x5 camera and Arista film which I am told is just rebranded Fomapan.

Early experiment with Crown Graphic 4x5 camera and Arista film which I am told is just rebranded Fomapan.