I was lost until i found william gedney


This is a man who hid most of his life as I have hid from most of mine.  I made mistakes early on. Nearly at the start: the whole thing was a mistake. I had problems I tried to erase through anger. I do not know what, if any, issues Bill Gendney had, but hiding from who you are in your heart is something I thought we had in common. This is a man who was devoted to recording disparity. He would score ultra gigs. High paying, high profile positions within the world of art, simply so he could make enough to fund projects that mean something to him. He would just make enough to fund a project and he would quit a safe job others would consider the the peak. Economic disparity. Alienation. Dehumanization.  He would just quit and record what his soul said he should. Per usual, he had to die to be considered. I may die before I am considered. Fine. But my truth as with William Gedney is all I am interested in recording. If I die and am considered of value, my work of value, then that is how it goes and I will feel a bit better having gone down telling the truth as far as I have lived it.

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