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still from “sex drones”

still from “sex drones”


Malcolm x

So I took my pill as i do in the morning and wait to feel less terrible. then i start working. i watch documentaries in the morning to just to get less stupid about things. this morning it was one on malcolm x. i wanted to see if any of his speeches were in the public domain so i could loop some dialog into a film. it appears they are not in the public domain. anyway, what i did find was opened up things for us here. they not only have brilliant music, they are also nice to work with. they let us use anything we want and it seems we have to do some arm twisting to pay them for using music in our films. pay them we will.

the music fits. all of it. some people just make things that fit with the things other people make. is run by the sort of people that make me keep wanting to get out of bed and make films.

About “sex drones”

as with all our films they are about you. you will watch them and come away with your own read on any given film. we try to play it right down the middle. with both films and in life, i try not to tell people how they ought to think or act unless it causes harm to themselves or others.

we live in a cesspool currently. maybe we always did, but things are more vocal and distorted. porn has evolved into a dark sort of thing that is both addictive and nauseating. men convincing women that it would be fun to suck him off and upload it to pornhub. super.

most men want to fuck and most women want much more than simple intercourse. i have no answers. these films inform each other. i have interviewed many people who work in porn. i am drawing from those conversations, not from watching porn and making judgements.

we are a nation of addicts. we are hooked on opioids, fake news. we have simple politicians who are demonstrably craven and have self serving sewer rat desires. they are the ones we are asking to help with our endless addiction problem. porn. money. fossil fuels. drugs. being an asshole. all addictions for some people.

flags are fucking everywhere. i know where i live. i get it. it’s nationalism. it’s a predictable cycle. suffering, perceived or actual, drives a need to find a scapegoat. to find someone to hate and drive out of your flag nation.

i live in the north. i have seen Confederate flags in increasing numbers. they lost. it’s not about the civil war or history or any other bullshit i hear about it. it’s a nod to a time when blacks were controlled by whites. fact. thank you (victor blackwell quote).

i saw some guy with a confederate flag hoodie. hood up for full graphic effect i guess. walking right down main street in the middle of the day. honestly?

decent inclusive people are afraid of death threats if they voice dissent. maybe you say the wrong thing in a parking lot and you get your ass kicked, or worse.

i have no answers. all i can do is be kind to other people not wearing confederate flag hoodies. a black kid was murdered for wearing a hoodie, but this asshole can just glide down the street without issue.

Some other asshole has a massive sign for a presidential candidate on his front lawn. how far away is our election? I need to see this flag laden asshole sign promoting a dangerous asshole this far ahead of our election? he thinks i do because he hates some people who live in this country. he is proud of his hate and his stupid fucking sign. this asshole runs a company with trucks festooned with christian iconography. jesus would be thrilled.

so yeah, this film is about all of that. it has to be. this filth is in my face every day. if i turn off the news i have to listen to some idiot repeat talking points they got from a single source, the same source of a certain television network full of simpletons who are terrible at doing tv.

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fake news. deep fakes. some people are stupid enough as it is, now russia can make fake videos and my uncle will love it on facebook.

i avoid sex. it’s not a big thing. i don’t need a hip label (that others have assigned me: demisexual). i am a romantic but i am also a realist. most people are super fucked and i was super fucked up. who cares why? nobody, and that is part of why i am happy to be alone and document the endless idiocy of people assigned to take care of us. bad leaders. bad doctors. bad executives. bad people. there is no shortage of bad people. but now the facts are in and we have burned through resources and the planet may not sustain our lifeforms much longer. global warming is dismissed as chinese hoax by our “leader.” Mike pompeo said global warming was great because with all the ice melting it would open up trade routes.

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i think we are fucked. this is it. live it up, but be kind to others in the process.