dark slide blues.

I have only had my Crown Graphic for about six months. I don’t like reading manuals, and even if I had read one, I’m not sure it would have suggested I watch what I was doing, or that I simply slow down.  So much of […]

i found this on the internet

“NO, I meant that figuring out how XTOL worked was like figuring out how anything else works. In truth XTOL is superb with MINIMAL AGITATION. It allows you to place the shadow and highlight where you want them to be, and then shape the curve […]

you must do things my way.

I do not know why people feel compelled to inform you that there is only one way you should make a photograph. You must process this way, at this temperature, or you are an idiot. If you do not do things how I told you […]

i am a liar.

It’s true. I have lied to myself for most of my adult life. I used to lie to other people to keep my lie going. Then I got down and decided maybe this was not the best way to go about using up my finite […]