I have a friend who writes “super clean code,” his term when we were shooting nasty emails back and forth about some pointless argument. When we were friends again, I asked him about the value of social media. This was about 3 years ago, before Mark Fuckfaceberg ruined Facebook by selling your data, and then bought Instagram and ruined that with sexist policies that banned nipples but allowed showing your ass. Anyway, I loathe social media. Think of how many rainbows people miss staring at their phones. I say this because I saw one yesterday. You text other people, with actual people in the room with you, and if the person being texted were with you it would be someone else who would get their full attention. It’s been proven that people can’t multi-task. It’s bullshit. Your brain can’t do it. So you are half-assing it all around the block. Anyway, my friend told me that social media was bullshit. Basically, people like Mark knew the products they were making were addictive. People crave attention. They do not like to be judged by their peers. Shame is power. You get all that fun stuff with social media. my friend also pointed out a simple axiom: if your social media numbers don’t produce sales, you are wasting your time and life. So, case in point: We have about 1,200 followers on Vimeo. Our main actor in the film collective has 23,000 followers on Instascam. for over 2 years, 70-80 percent of our sales come from Vimeo. What does a follower or “like” mean, when people won’t open their wallet to buy your shit? Nothing. You missed another rainbow.

To models: build your own website. Do not let these fuckers control your content and career. I continually see posts on Instagram that go like this : “ACCOUNT DELETED AT 30K FOLLOWERS.” All that work and effort down the drain due to an arbitrary decision that, in most cases, was that not enough of the nipple was eradicated to please the jury at Instascam.

Google bought YouTube. You can have car crash videos, severe beatings, horror, racist rants…but I was banned PERMANENTLY for posting a 20 second blurry trailer, with film grain obscuring the nasty sex parts even more, that showed a nude woman moving a chair. I appealed, and they told me to go fuck myself. No explanation, nothing. They run algorithms to auto block you if you try to open another account and show nipples. They talk about community and family values, but sell your data. I watch their idiot insincere TV ads: “sorry, we made a mistake. let’s get back to sharing what matters: stories of our lives.” then a few months later, robot-face is back at a hearing bleating the same refrain: “We have to do better.”

Too few people have way too much control over the definition of ethics. Why it bothers me so much is that men are still controlling women. Mark is a man. The Google dude is a dude. THEY decide what parts of your body you can SHOW and how you show it, but racist rants and death seem to be okay. When you rely on your body to make money, and the deck is stacked in favor of the rich, then who are the rich to legislate by owning all of social media, what you can and can’t show, while they lie their asses off about community standards? THEY SELL YOUR DATA.

Anyway, drop $200 bucks and buy a drag and drop website, and tell those fuckers where they can get off, literally.