i like people. i did not think that i did for a very long time. i became isolated, certain most people would stab me in the heart given the chance. now i have learned that if you listen to people, most are actually pretty decent and just trying to get by. i was a shut in for a very long time. it was just easier to watch TV and stare out the window at life happening below. sure that staying inside i was safe from heartache and betrayal. then i missed most of my life. never got married. never had kids. never had never. so i got a camera and made myself go outside. when you have a camera, invariably, people will ask you what you are doing with it. it made me talk to people. at first i hated it, then i came to need it. we need other people. if it's your deepest love or a wave from a stranger, we all need that strange lift we feel in our hearts when we connect with others. that is what these photographs are eventually about. they are an extension of my unconscious. i barely know what i am doing from moment to moment, so i doubt i could tell you what any of these photographs are "about." they are all about me. they are all about you. i did not how i felt all those years i spent keeping to myself. i do not like pain. i don't think anyone like to feel unloved. so they are about love as well. they are about everything i guess. i am just trying to figure out how to make life a little easier. i hope these photographs and the words that sometimes go with them bring some measure of happiness or relief to you.