i am a liar.

It’s true. I have lied to myself for most of my adult life. I used to lie to other people to keep my lie going. Then I got down and decided maybe this was not the best way to go about using up my finite time here with you and with myself. it feels like we are devoted to tribalism. if you are different from me in any way, then it follows that I must work to remove you from what I have grown to consider my world. how do we let this happen? I will never understand why the actions of others burn people up they way them seem to. who cares who you want to have sex with? far too many people. the people who cut off the clitoris’ of young women so they won’t ever enjoy sex and then are simply machines to replicate. It is so bad now that it almost feels like fiction, and maybe that is where things get really dangerous. The German people chose not to believe what was happening in the 1940’s. Now all these years later we have other people who deny any of it ever happened in the first place. we learn nothing. We are all liars, and I am deeply afraid that this time we may have truly burned the candle to the end. So I wander around and take photographs. It gets me out of the house. for many years I was too afraid to leave my house. I can’t ever let it get that bad again. I always have to leave my house. I have to force myself to talk to other people, no matter my mood. I record these outings with my camera. also, sometimes, with an audio recording device in hand. I take photographs of people I like for one reason or another, and then I ask them questions about life and how they live it. I try to avoid talking to, or photographing people or things I find repellent. there was a time when there was little for me to photograph. It was trees for a very long time. Now it’s people. only people can stop the ruination of our planet. Not trees, or birds or any other animals. only people. So meet some of the ones I know who make me keep at it. it’s way too easy to quit. drugs are all over. Nobody likes to feel pain. Drugs. Hate. Casinos. Anonymous sex. Publishing close up photographs of your anus on the internet until that too becomes boring for people to look at. We are bored and hateful, but worst of all, we are all liars.

This photograph is of a bridge for trains to cross over a river. I do not know why I like it. I like it so much I have taken hundreds of photographs of this bridge, most from the same position with the same camera and lens. I do not know why I do this. After I took this I found a hypodermic needle on the side of the road. I told the police and they came and got it.

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